Raine Skill-list

Button mapping
Special button
Attack button
Light attack Middle attack Heavy attack
Back step
High jump
Air jump(Air)
Air dash(Air)
Boost attack(Air also)
use 1/4 Mana gauge
Mana blast+(Air also)
use 1/2 Mana gauge
Counter blastduring guard
use 1/2 Mana gauge
Extend blastwhen Mana gauge is full tank
(Air also, Possible escape from damage, Non-reusable until you use Sealing cancel)
Sealing cancelafter using Extend blast, during any Normal/Special move contact
+(Air also)
Normal moves
Cat scratchnear opponent
Cat slapnear opponent(Air)
Special moves(press two attack buttons,change to EX Specials and use 0.5 power bar.)
Puma tackle+
Jaguar bite+
Tiger hang+
Tiger stampduring Tiger hang
Tiger snipeduring Tiger hang
Tiger snatchduring Tiger hang
Super specials
Lion fang+
use 1 power bar
Lion howling+
use 1 power bar
Smilodon predation+
use 2 power bar